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Lightning Arrester

Lightning Arrester

Lightning Arrester

Lightning Arrester

Copper Clad Steel Or Stainless Steel Lightning Arrester

We provide common sizes, we also can do according to your requests. Please contact us to get to know more information about our products and service.

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Product Description

As Lightning Arrester Manufacturer In China,Lightning Arrester is used for protecting the buildings to avoid lightning strike. Lightning Rod plays an important part of the air termination network of a lightning protection system.We are professional lightning rod manufacturer.

Lightning arrester,alternate named lightning protection devices,used for protecting the building when raining and lightning .The lightning rod installed on the building and transfer the electric to earthing metal to protect the building . Our SLE lightning rod comply with GB standard . Customized lightning rod available .

Lightning Arrester (5)

Product Parameter


Copper or Brass or Copper Clad Steel or Stainless Steel


according to customer's requirement


More than 50 Years


Easy installation,long life

Product Size
Description Size Material
Lightning rod Dia7mmxL250mm

copper clad steel or stainless steel

Three point needle Dia7mmxL9mm
Ball Dia18mm
Holder Dia85mmxH60mm
Base 100mmx100mmx2mm
Total Height 370mm

Lightning Arrester (3)

Rod Length Rod diameter Thread Material
500mm 15mm M16 Brass,copper
1000mm 15mm M16 Brass,copper
1500mm 15mm M16 Brass ,copper

Avaible Dia:8mm-25mm; Length:300mm-2000mm

Base Conductor size Rod diamter Material
1 50-95mm² wire 15mm Brass
2 25mmx3mm copper tape 15mm Brass
Three Point Needle Nos Rod Material
1 3 15mm Brass,copper

Lightning Arrester (4)

Product Installation

(A)The installation of lightning rod

Matters need attention during installation:

(1)The lightning rod and other metal part on the building should connected together;

(2)No low voltage cable or communication cable installed on the rod

(B)Installation of earthing tape and earthing grid

1. Installation of exposed earthing tape (grid) :Installed at the ridge ,eave(abat-vent) or edge of roof

(1)Installation at the concrete base of roof :The base can be made with the roof together ,and fixed to the roof.

( 2) Installation on the parapet wall or gutter bracket

Installed along parapet wall and fixed with bracket ,and the bracket should be installed earlier .The working height of bracket should be less than 150mm . The bracket for direct line should be first and then for the middle .The bracket should be 0.25-0.5m away to the turning point if turning needed . The horizontal spacing of bracket is 1-1.5m ,and vertical interval is 1.5-2m and even distribution  

 (3) Installation at ridge ,eave or edge of roof

Use concrete base or bracke

If make the base on site , please remove the corner of ridge tile first ,and make the bracket and ridge tile together;

The bracket should be 0.25-0.5m away to the turning point if turning needed . The horizontal spacing of bracket is 1-1.5m ,and vertical interval is 1.5-2m and even distribution

Product Application

Lightning arrester is used for lightning system of power plant ,transformer station ,tower ,communication station ,airport, railway, subway station , high building ,computer room ,petro plant ,oil reservoir in the environmental of moist ,saline and alkaline ,acid and chemical corrosion medium environmental.

Product Packing

All of our products are with strong packing and free of charge, we also can provide packing according to customer’s requirement.

About Balic

Shaoxing Bailijia Electric Co., Ltd always concentrate on electric ground products and electric anti-corrosion products’s studying, developing, processing and marketing.

We have got the certification of ISO9001: 2008, and study foreigner’s advanced technology and manage experience. We produce the goods according to the American UL safety standard and European SGS Quality Test standard, our goods are exported to more then 20 countries such as American, England, Vietnam, Egypt, Argentina, Australia and so on, we get very good reputation.

At present, Bailijia Co., produce copper earth rod, exothermic welding flux, electrolytic ion earth rod, physical agent of reducing resistance, copper clad steel strand wire and so on, and have more then thousand sizes, our goods are used on petrification, electric, war industry, communication, railway, weather and so on. As one of our main goods copper earth rod, we export more then 100 containers, we will enlarge our producing size, and waiting for cooperating with you in long time.


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  • 1102, Building 5, Heyue Square, Qixing Subdistrict, Xinchang County,Zhejiang ,P.R. China
  • info@ground-rod.com
  • 0086-575-86263278
  • 0086-575-86263278