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Copper-Bonded Ground Rod

Copper-Bonded Ground Rod

Copper-Bonded Ground RodCopper-Bonded Ground Rod

Copper-Bonded Ground Rod

Copper-Bonded Ground Rod

Copper-Bonded Ground Rod

Copper-Bonded Ground Rod,Sectional/Threaded Copper Clad Steel Ground Rod

We provide common sizes, we also can do according to your requests. Please contact us to get to know more information about our products and service.

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Product Description

As copper-bonded ground rods supplier, Bailijia offer the most economical & popular copper-bonded ground rods with low price .which is made with low carbon steel core bonded 99.9% pure electrolytic copper.

The copper-bonded ground rods have characters of anti-corrosion and ductility, which is superior than common copper clad steel rod and easy to install deeply.

Copper-Bonded Ground Rod (3)

Product Parameter
Material Copper Clad Steel
Copper Thickness ≥0.254mm
Copper Purity 99.9%
Tensile strength ≥580N/mm²
Straightness error ≤1mm/m
Service life ≥30years
Diameter according to customer's requirement
Function Used in grounding and lightning system
Type Threaded or flat or pointed
Accessories Coupling,Driving headDrill
Available service mode OEM,ODM
Certificate ISO9001:2008,CE,SGS
Product Size

Copper-Bonded Ground Rod,Sectional:

Product specifications Copper Thickness (mm) Diameter (mm) Screw type (inch) Length (mm) Weight (kg)
CCSEP20-φ12.7x1200 0.254 12.7 9/16 1200 1.18
CCSEP20-φ12.7x1500 0.254 12.7 9/16 1500 1.55
CCSEP20-φ12.7x1800 0.254 12.7 9/16 1800 1.76
CCSEP20-φ14.2x1200 0.254 14.2 5/8 1200 1.52
CCSEP20-φ14.2x1500 0.254 14.2 5/8 1500 1.87
CCSEP20-φ14.2x1800 0.254 14.2 5/8 1800 2.29
CCSEP20-φ16x1200 0.254 16 M18 1200 1.89
CCSEP20-φ16x1500 0.254 16 M18 1500 2.37
CCSEP20-φ16x1800 0.254 16 M18 1800 2.84
CCSEP20-φ17.2x1200 0.254 17.2 3/4 1200 2.2
CCSEP20-φ17.2x1500 0.254 17.2 3/4 1500 2.79
CCSEP20-φ17.2x1800 0.254 17.2 3/4 1800 3.28
CCSEP20-φ18x1200 0.254 18 M20 1200 2.4
CCSEP20-φ18x1500 0.254 18 M20 1500 3
CCSEP20-φ20x1200 0.254 20 M22 1200 2.96
CCSEP20-φ20x1500 0.254 20 M22 1500 3.7

Above is the common size, we also can do according to your requests. Please contact us to get to know more information about our products and service.

Copper-Bonded Ground Rod (2)


Product specifications Rod Diameter (mm) Screw type (inch) Material Weight (kg)
8067101 12.7 9/16 Brass
8067103 14.2 5/8 Brass 0.1
8067105 16 M18 Brass 0.111
8067107 17.2 3/4 Brass 0.145
8067109 18 M20 Brass 0.147
8067111 20 M22 Brass 0.15


Coupling used the high strength copper alloy, can protect the ground rod thread into the underground without damage and slow down the corrosion. Used for connecting rod and rod, rod and driving head, can according to need any increase the length of the rod. There are two kinds connection of threaded and unthreaded.

Driving head:

Product specifications Rod Diameter (mm) Screw type (inch) Material Weight (kg)
8067201 12.7 9/16 Steel 0.071
8067203 14.2 5/8 Steel 0.08
8067205 16 M18 Steel 0.13
8067207 17.2 3/4 Steel 0.121
8067209 18 M20 Steel 0.127
8067211 20 M22 Steel 0.219

Driving Head

Driving head used for ground rod play deep blow. Bailijia driving head used high strength alloy steel, a driving head can be recycled many times.


Product specifications Rod Diameter (mm) Screw type (inch) Material Weight (kg)
8067301 12.7 9/16 Steel 0.05
8067303 14.2 5/8 Steel 0.059
8067305 16 M18 Steel 0.065
8067307 17.2 3/4 Steel 0.068
8067309 18 M20 Steel 0.075
8067311 20 M22 Steel 0.099


Drill used for ground rod bottom drill deep. Bailijia drill used the high strength alloy, inside thread and thread of ground rod stick together, can effectively protect the rod in a deep hurt.

Copper-Bonded Ground Rods

Product Application

copper-bonded ground rods is used for earthing system of power plant, transformer station, tower, communication station, airport, railway, subway station ,  high building, computer room, petro plant, oil reservoir in the environmental of moist , saline and alkaline, acid and chemical corrosion medium environmental.

Product Installation

The installation of copper coated carbon electrode is very flexible, both hammer and electric pick are ok .In the bad soil condition ,please drill and then install .

1.When installing the rod deeply with hammer , please fit the drilling head to protect copper layer and connect multi grounding rod with coupler ;

2.When installing the rod deeply in rock or other hard soil area with drilling tool ,please refer to below two choice:

1).Before installing rod ,please drill hole and then fill bentonite and water full to reduce electric resistance 

2)Fill bentonite and water after installing the rods to reduce electric resistance

Product Packing

All of our products are with strong packing and free of charge, we also can provide packing according to customer’s requirement.

Copper-Bonded Ground Rod

About Balic

Shaoxing Bailijia Electric Co., Ltd always concentrate on electric ground products and electric anti-corrosion products’s studying, developing, processing and marketing.

We have got the certification of ISO9001: 2008, and study foreigner’s advanced technology and manage experience. We produce the goods according to the American UL safety standard and European SGS Quality Test standard, our goods are exported to more then 20 countries such as American, England, Vietnam, Egypt, Argentina, Australia and so on, we get very good reputation.

At present, Bailijia Co., produce copper earth rod, exothermic welding flux, electrolytic ion earth rod, physical agent of reducing resistance, copper clad steel strand wire and so on, and have more then thousand sizes, our goods are used on petrification, electric, war industry, communication, railway, weather and so on. As one of our main goods copper earth rod, we export more then 100 containers, we will enlarge our producing size, and waiting for cooperating with you in long time.


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  • 0086-575-86263278
  • 0086-575-86263278