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Exothermic Welding Powder

Exothermic Welding Powder

Exothermic Welding Powder

Exothermic Welding Powder

We provide common sizes, we also can do according to your requests. Please contact us to get to know more information about our products and service.

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Product Description

Bailijia is a Exothermic Welding Materials manufacturer.The Exothermic Welding is a simple, effective,quality welding method,which weld the parts to desired size and type in graphite mould cave with overheat melting.Currently,the exothermic welding replaced mechanical connection widely.

Exothermic Welding Mold: The mould is made of quality graphite body to obtain the perfect seal and lasting performance.The life of our mould can be 80-100 joints,which is more lasting than other competitor’s.

Exothermic welding powder: We mix the powder comply with your conductor’s material and size with reasonable ratio ,so the joint is more strong and more lasting.

Exothermic Welding Clamp: The clamp make sure the mold is closed during welding. We can provide the scale of the mold, or we can make the clamps according to the customer's demand.

Welding toolbox: We offer the full sets tools to meet your demand,including ignition gun,brush,screwdriver and glove. It is a package box to meet your whole demand.

Exothermic Welding Powder (1)

Exothermic Welding (2)

Product Parameter

Material of Exothermic Welding Mold


Material of Exothermic Welding Powder

Cu, Al, Fe

Material of Exothermic Welding Clamp

Carbon steel

Size According to customer's requirement
Characters Easy to use and safe
The type of Exothermic Welding Mold

Exothermic Welding Mold

The Size of Exothermic welding powder

Product No


EWM -C90


EWM -C115


EWM -C150


EWM -C200


EWM -C250


EWM –C300


The Size of Exothermic Welding Clamp

Exothermic Welding Clamp

The Size of Welding toolbox

Welding toolbox

Product Advantages

(1).Good current loading ability:The welding point current loading ability is same to that of conductor;

(2). Good mechanical performance: The connection is a molecular connection. It is a permanent connection ,no loss or corrosion result to high resistance;

(3). Stable dash current resistance: The test shows that in the surge of big current in short time, and the conductor melts earlier than the connection point, no damaged by surge current.

(4). Good resistance to corrosion: The welding joint is covered by copper and more strong than copper, it provides good resistance to corrosion.

(5). Simple and safe connection: Neither outside power nor facility is required. It take very little time to finish one welding both indoor and outdoor.

(6). Free control the reaction temperature:  Different welding powder is provided according to the metal features, so the welding powder can be very solid.

Welding Property

Welding Fluxe is also called aluminium heat welding powder.Use proper exothermic fluxes to make the connection joints more solid and extend the using life.

Main content and ratio of welding powder:

 Element Ratio Wt/%
Cu ≥76.0
Al ≤2.0
Fe ≤10.0
Physical properties of joint

Properties of joint:

Properties Technology index
Conductivity Resistance of conductor (Including joint) should be less than that of same length base metal

Joint strength should not less than 95% of low limit of raw material’s strength (CCS material is regarded as pure copper )
High melting point ≥1 083 ℃
Surface No air hole ,residue and crack
Section quality  The max size anywhither should be higher than 1/3 of the thickness(or 1/4 of diameter) ,but should be less than 3mm

Resistance of joint:

 Resistance /μΩ Test location
113 Distance between tested location :15 cm

Strength of joint:

Strength Rm/MPa Remark
340 No crack and base metal off 

Store instruction :The flame point of powder is very high ,so pyrophoric powder is must to ignite, the store condition should be dry ,cool ,no shine ,no humidity.If the packing damaged ,please don’t use.

Welding Preparation

Graphite absorbs moisture. Ignite the propane torch and dry out the inside of the mold thoroughly on both sides, heating the mold

Use a soft cotton cloth or a soft bristle brush to clean inside the mold cavity and cover.

Check to ensure the graphite mold is not worn or broken, which could cause leakage of molten weld metal during the reaction.

The clamp is used for open-closing mould ,so the tightness of clamp is very important to the welding quality ,please carefully check and adjust the clamp before welding as following:

(a)Keep the clamp open

(b)Loosen the fixing buckle of clamp

(c)Pick out gim peg

(d)Adjust the regulating screw and contrarotate (Loosen )

(e)Pin the gim peg and buckle

(f)Open clamp and check the result

Close the grips to tightly lock the mold. Check for an appropriate seal on the mold. If the mold does not seal properly, make adjustments to tighten/loosen the handle clamp.

The mould is made of graphite and very gentle ,so don’t throw or impact .Meanwhile the mold must be correct for the conductor size and application. Don’t remove the residue with hard tool

If the conductor size is smaller than specified ,there will be copper liquid omitting .The following remedy for reference :

(1)Use proper thickness copper pipe or copper bush

(2)Use copper piece or copper tape

(3)Use seal

(4)Use Pyrocotton tape

Operation Process

(1)Check to ensure the graphite mold and conductor is clean ,no residue before making the connection.

(2)Use a propane torch to dry wire conductors and remove remaining cleaning residue, solvent, or water before making the connection.

(3)Close the graphite mold lid before ignition ,and close the lid tightly.

(4)Insert the conductors and position them for the connection.Ensure them in the center of cavity.

(5)Keep the irrelevant personnel 1.5M away when welding.

(6)Keep the inflammable goods 1-2M away when welding.

(7)The operator must be equipped thermal barrier glove.

(8)Don’t face to the mould opening when welding.

(9)The operator keep 1.5M away mould is must after ignition.

(10)Don’t touch the mould and connected parts directly after welding.

(11)Open the mould and take the joint out with wrench 10-20S later after reaction.

(12)Insulate the joint after the conductor cooling completely.

Exothermic Welding (3)

Product Packing

All of our products are with strong packing and free of charge, we also can provide packing according to customer’s requirement.

About Balic

Shaoxing Bailijia Electric Co., Ltd always concentrate on electric ground products and electric anti-corrosion products’s studying, developing, processing and marketing.

We have got the certification of ISO9001: 2008, and study foreigner’s advanced technology and manage experience. We produce the goods according to the American UL safety standard and European SGS Quality Test standard, our goods are exported to more then 20 countries such as American, England, Vietnam, Egypt, Argentina, Australia and so on, we get very good reputation.

At present, Bailijia Co., produce copper earth rod, exothermic welding flux, electrolytic ion earth rod, physical agent of reducing resistance, copper clad steel strand wire and so on, and have more then thousand sizes, our goods are used on petrification, electric, war industry, communication, railway, weather and so on. As one of our main goods copper earth rod, we export more then 100 containers, we will enlarge our producing size, and waiting for cooperating with you in long time.


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  • 1102, Building 5, Heyue Square, Qixing Subdistrict, Xinchang County,Zhejiang ,P.R. China
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  • 0086-575-86263278
  • 0086-575-86263278