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Do you know some shapes of copper clad steel ground wire?

Released Date: Jan 13,2021 Article Source: Balic

According to theshape, grounding wires are divided into: Copper cladsteel grounding round wire Electroplating copper clad steel grounding roundwire material isbased on foreign technology, which electroplates 99.9% electrolytic coppermolecules on low carbon steel core, and becomes......

According to the shape, grounding wires are divided into:


Copper clad steel grounding round wire

Electroplating copper clad steel grounding round wire material is based on foreign technology, which electroplates 99.9% electrolytic copper molecules on low carbon steel core, and becomes a new composite material with high molecular combination of copper and steel. It overcomes the galvanic reaction existing in the production of traditional sleeve method, In addition, the disadvantages of low purity of copper and thickness of copper layer on the internal and external sides of hot dip continuous casting process are solved. In the process of construction, electroplated copper clad steel can be bent and cut freely, and the surface copper layer will not peel off and fall off. Therefore, in recent years, electroplating copper clad steel as grounding material has been widely recognized and praised by domestic and foreign customers.


Copper clad steel grounding strand wire

Electroplated copper clad steel grounding stranded wire is a new type of conforming material which contains 99.9% good electrolytic copper uniformly plated on low carbon steel core. The product has the strength and toughness of steel, as well as the good conductivity and corrosion resistance of copper. Compared with copper single wire, it has the advantages of low density, high strength and low cost, which is the replacement product of traditional pure copper single wire.


The new type of grounding body made by electroplating and continuous casting process adopts advanced technology to cover 99.9% copper on the surface of special steel core. Its conductivity is the same as that of copper bars of the same specification, but its cost is far lower than that of pure copper. Its anticorrosion performance is far better than that of galvanized steel. It has good conductivity, low resistance, excellent anticorrosion performance, convenient transportation, convenient construction and high construction efficiency It has the advantages of replacing round steel, angle steel, galvanized flat steel and other traditional grounding materials.

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